Panamax Max 1000 Surge Protector Line Conditioner Manual

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The Meter Light dimmer controls the brightness level, or turns the lighting off altogether.. Protect or Disconnect, SurgeGate Plus and SignalPerfect are trademarks of PANAMAX.. The High-Current Outlet Bank provides clean, filtered power to amplifiers but has no current limiting components to impede performance.. These circuits are designed to eliminate AC contamination that is detrimental to the performance of audio or video components like stereo receivers, VCRs or televisions.. Panamaxs exclusive Protect or Disconnect circuitry is designed to protect against spikessurges while the SurgeGate Plus circuitry is for sustained overunder voltage protection.

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Panamaxs exclusive SignalPerfect Technology provides application-specific protection for your satellite and cable TV equipment.. 11 Contacting Panamax 11 Frequently Asked Questions 12 LEDs (light emitting diodes) are used as the light source in order to provide durability and long life.. The satellite connections are for coaxial cables connected to a DBS (single or dual LNB) satellite dish. Juegos De Futbol Para Mac